digging deep.
  • CASE 0356
digging deep.
toronto, ontario
    • job
    • cityplace infrastructure
    • task
    • implementation of sewers, drains, sanitary installation for entire site
    • challenges
    • the spadina avenue tunnel crossing
    • completion
    • 8 months
digging deep.
toronto, ontario

At the start of Toronto’s condominium boom, a new project was announced. It was located in the heart of the city and was to become a beacon of progress as Toronto continued to emerge as a truly international city. Known as CityPlace, this massive project covered an expanse near Toronto’s Harbourfront. With thousands of people moving into the condominium towers, Clearway set out to complete the project over an 8 month time period.

As the CityPlace project team began digging, it started unearthing some unexpected sentiments. A sense of pride grew as Clearway workers realized the project would put Toronto on the global map. The team got to work on this dire need to install infrastructure to accommodate the area’s new residents. From day one, workers began laying all watermain, storm sewers and sanitary sewers for the site.

By the end of the project, Clearway drew from its workers’ depth of experience and knowledge to get the job done. Today if you talk to any member of the crew, they’ll tell you they placed infrastructure into the ground for this site. But more importantly, they’ll tell you they helped place Toronto on the global map.