Grand Bend Transmission Line

Utilities – Grand Bend, ON

The Objective

This project required 12½km of 3 – 6” HDPE conduits to be laid underground via open trench and directional drilling. It was our first project under the umbrella of Clearway Utilities.


This project posed a few challenges, the first of which was the timeline – we were awarded the job in June 2015 and it had to be completed by November of the same year. And because of the location, we had to set up a new field office and build a satellite team from scratch. There are also special environmental requirements for drilling in wetland areas. Lastly was the community challenge. At the time, multiple wind farm projects were completed or starting in the area, leading to some very upset land owners that our group had to handle with special care.

The Result

To overcome the many challenges it was imperative that everyone on our team, from union employees to the Executive VP, attended frequent meetings to maintain unit cohesion. As a result the project was completed on time and on budget, with little disruption to the local population.


Grand Bend, ON


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